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Max Rep!Handstand Push UpRing Dip0.5 X Body Weight Overhead Squat0.75 X Body Weight Front SquatBody Weight Back Squat Rest as needed between efforts.Ensure that you warm up each movement thoroughly prior to Max Rep efforts.

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AMRAP 1550 Double Unders30 Wall Ball 20/14Max Rep Muscle Ups Sub 5 Double Push Double Pull Burpee Pull Ups for Max Rep Muscle Ups.

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Deadlift 10-10-10Then - For Time:Row 1000m50 Deadlifts 155/10530 Handstand Push Ups Time Cap: 12 Minutes

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1 Rep Max Squat Clean Take 15-20 minutes to work up to your 1 Rep Max Squat Clean Then - AMRAP 1245 Double Unders15 Toes to Bar5 Squat Cleans 205/145

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