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OPEN GYM! ORTabata Echo Bike3 Rounds of 8 Intervals10 Seconds of Work20 Seconds of RestRest as Needed Between Rounds

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EMOM 83 Hang Cleans (Pick Load)3 Shoulder to Overheads (Same Load) Then - For Time20 Hang Cleans 115/7520 Shoulder to Overheads 115/7560 Ab Mat Sit Ups15 Hang Cleans 115/7515 Shoulder to Overheads 115/7545 Ab Mat Sit Ups10 Hang Cleans 115/7510 Shoulder to Overheads 115/7530 Ab Mat Sit Ups

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EMOM 101 Bear Complex (Pick Load)Then - For Time15-12-9Thruster 95/64Pull UpRest 3 Minutes15-12-9Thruster 95/64Pull Up

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EMOM 101 Snatch1 Hang Squat Snatch1 Squat Snatch (Touch & Go)1 Overhead SquatThen - 10 rounds For Time5 Bar Facing Burpees5 Hang Squat Snatch 95/64

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