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CF Games Open 20.110 Rounds For Time8 Ground to Overhead 95/6410 Bar Facing Burpees* 15 Minute Time Cap.OG/Teen Rx/Scaled65/45OG/Teen Scaled45/35Any Scaled Workout Athletes May Step Over Bar on Burpee.

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AMRAP 12Row 1000/800 (Buy In)Then - With the Time RemainingAMRAP12 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/209 Ring DipsThen - EMOM 1020 Double Unders2 Muscle Ups

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AMRAP 1020 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches 50/3515 Wall Ball 20/1410 Chest to Bar Pull UpsThen - Bench Press 5-5-5

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"Daniel" Army SFC Daniel Crabtree, 19th SFG(A). KIA June 8, 2006 in Iraq when an IED exploded near the vehicle he was traveling in. He was 31. He leaves behind his wife, Kathy, and his daughter Mallory. For Time:50 Pull UpsRun 400m21 Thrusters 95/64Run 800m21 Thrusters 95/64Run 400m50 Pull Ups

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For 5 cycles: AMRAP 2Run, 200m Max Rep Wall Ball 20/14Rest 1 min between each cycle. For each cycle restart the AMRAP.Then - For 5 cycles: AMRAP 2Run 200m Max Rep Overhead Squat 45/35 Rest 1 min between each cycle. For each cycle restart the AMRAP.

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For time: 21 Hang Cleans, 115/7521 Front Squats, 115/757 Lateral Burpee Over Bars 15 Hang Cleans, 115/7515 Front Squats, 115/755 Lateral Burpee Over Bars 9 Hang Cleans, 115/759 Front Squats, 115/753 Lateral Burpee Over BarsThen - Back Squat 5-5-5

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