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Roasted Cauliflower over Creamy Pesto Pasta?!! I AM DONE FOR 🤤 This was WONDERFUL tonight, you guys! 10/10 recommend @halfbakedharvest 💛

I used @eatbanza pasta to make it even more health-friendly and it was perfect!

#pastanight #pesto #getinmybelly #meatlessmonday #glutenfree #nutritioncoach #whatatreat

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Being a mama sometimes means letting go of the plan and embracing a different kind partner workout 😆 Thanks buddy! And thanks to my usual gym partner @trosejohns for being so patient with my slightly needy child 😂💗

NOT for time (lol):
Calorie row
Manny goblet squats
Pull ups

#ilovebeingamama #partnerworkout #staymovingfriends #toddlerseason #crossfitmama #cherisheverymoment

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I was feelin fancy so I decided tonight was a good night for burgers with allllll the good stuff 😍🤤 Organic beef, bacon, avocado & spring mix with some insanely good garlic parmesan sweet potato fries from @halfbakedharvest!

Soooooo satisfying y’all! 🙌🏽🐮🥓🌿🥑🍠🧀

#burgernight #sweetpotatofries #getinmybelly #healthyisntboring #nutritioncoach

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🙋🏼‍♀️ I still struggle with emotional eating. As far as I’ve come, I felt the prompt to be transparent today! Even this week, there have been multiple times where I’ve ignored my body’s signals of “I’m full” and listened more to my brain’s signals of “I need comfort!”

This is not always wrong. Food can be a comfort in a healthy way, I believe. I’ve learned to let go of the shame and dig into WHY I’m suddenly being drawn to certain foods. Have I been stressed this week? Yes! Have I gotten less sleep than I need the past few days? Yep.
Bing bing bing 📣

Learning to stop and observe how I’m feeling and how I tend to cope has been so helpful with breaking the cycle. Learning to pray and admit my weakness to God has been life-changing. I am thankful for this process. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to eat perfect. I just need to know how to come home and find the peace that only God offers.

If you’re struggling today, if you’re dealing with stress, you’re not alone. You are loved. You are not forgotten. There is hope. 💗

#transparencytime #emotionaleating #nutritioncoach #theprocess #donthavetobeperfect #youareloved

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✨Insert inspirational quote about doing hard things 😂

But really friends, I’m waking up thankful this Monday. I’m not starting off the year with wild goals. I’m working out probably less intensely than I have in the past. But the joyful expectation and contentment I’m experiencing in all aspects of life lately is a gift. God is stirring some things up in me that I didn’t expect and it’s exciting!

I pray you would feel that today, too!

#happymonday #nutritioncoach #contentment #thankful #physicalmentalspiritual #2021

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