Lydia was born and raised in Tennessee. She went to school for music and never imagined anything like Crossfit would be in her future. Upon reaching her twenties, she saw the need to start prioritizing her health and exercising, but never found anything that stuck.

In 2014, after seeing her mom’s health transformation and newfound confidence, she decided to join a local Crossfit gym in Clarksville, TN. After the first class, she knew she had found something incredible. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.

“It was the environment and community that really drew me in and the challenge of the workouts that kept me coming back. I was surrounded by a group of coaches who believed in me and my potential, even though I’d written myself off as ever being strong or athletic. Over time, I learned I could do complex barbell movements, climb ropes, jump on tall boxes, and string pull ups simply by working hard and being teachable. I could push myself to go beyond what I ever thought I was capable of.”

After her husband got out of the army, they moved back to his home in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she found Crossfit Woodbury. That was the point where she really felt her confidence and technique start to really improve.

She soon started to realize that helping others in Crossfit had become a huge passion in her life and on her fourth anniversary of starting Crossfit, she took her Level 1 Certification to become a coach. To the present, she has loved every minute helping people improve and prolong their lives through Crossfit’s prescription of fitness in the context of a supportive, engaging community.

“I love that moment when a movement clicks for someone, where they realize they are stronger and more capable than they ever believed. And I love seeing a new member start to come to classes 3, 4, 5 days a week simply because they have found a home at Crossfit Woodbury and they can’t get enough.”

She is currently pursing a certification in Nutrition, also desiring to educate and support people in fueling their bodies properly as they pursue a healthy lifestyle.


CrossFit Level 1