Lisa comes from a very athletic family, which instilled in her the desire and drive to be active and competitive in sports from a very young age.  With that came an ever-increasing interest in the human body, performance, and nutrition.  She grew up playing many different sports, but soccer eventually became her passion.  She earned a full-ride scholarship to play college soccer, which provided her the opportunity to compete at a very high level on the field; and in the classroom, she was able to continue her pursuit of learning about the human body as she worked toward a degree in Human Biology/Exercise Physiology.

After college Lisa continued her education and eventually earned her doctorate degree in Chiropractic.  It was the perfect career in that it encompassed all the things she was passionate about.  During that time, she continued to play soccer and she also began running. She ran many marathons over the course of the next several years, which satisfied her need to be active and competitive, but it took its toll on her body.  In 2014, and after much persuasion by a close friend, Lisa decided to give CrossFit a try.  She was instantly hooked.  Because of CrossFit, Lisa is now stronger and more fit than she’s ever been.  She loves many things about CrossFit: the variety in the workouts, the opportunity to always be developing new skills, learning about proper movement, the physical and mental challenge, and the very supportive community of people at the gym.

Lisa finds coaching CrossFit to be extremely rewarding and fun.  “I enjoy teaching people about proper movement (which carries over into their everyday lives).  Also, coaching gives me the opportunity to play a role in helping people gain confidence in themselves both physically and mentally”.


Level 1 CrossFit