Kali started Crossfit in 2014 a few months after the birth of her third child.  Like many people, her first goal was to lose weight.  However, that quickly transformed into a strong desire to actually become healthier and not just slimmer.

Being mom of three and the owner of two businesses, Kali makes it a priority to get workouts in because she knows the tremendous value of making commitments to herself.  She knows that when her children see her make and keep the commitment of health and wellness, her kids will value their passions as they grow older.

In June 2018, Kali took the next step and received her Crossfit Level 1 certificate.  “I love seeing members make small and big improvements in the gym.  Even more, I take a lot of pride in seeing the joy that people find by having a group of people who honestly want them to succeed.  Can things get competitive? Sure.  But, everyone I’ve come across uses that competitive nature in a positive way.  To push themselves and each other to do better.”

One of the things Kali finds valuable about being a coach is the opportunity to see issues that she has been trying to improve over the years.  “Being told I’m doing something wrong and seeing it in action are two different things.  It really makes things click when I see somebody else with challenges similar to mine.  It has made more a lot more aware of my body and what it’s doing (or not doing) during my own workouts.”

Because of that, you will often find Kali helping athletes work through their issues by mirroring what they’re doing instead of just using words.

Kali’s husband has recently started doing Crossfit as well which makes her a very happy coach.


CrossFit Level 1