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Nutrition Challenge 2019

Sunday January 6th- Saturday February 2nd

Buy in: $20

It’s time for our annual CFW nutrition challenge! The goal for the challenge will be to reset our bodies by eating real food to support and increase our fitness for four weeks. This isn’t about a “quick fix” after the holidays but it is an opportunity to put our health first and begin the year strong.

To kick off the challenge CFW will hold a nutrition seminar after the free intro workout on January 5th!

Here are the details:

-Men will eat four meals a day. Women will eat three meals a day.

-Follow the meal template and food list given. If it’s not on the food list, it is not allowed.

-You are able to get up to four points per week. Each point gets you one entry into a raffle to win the grand prize!

-You get one point for eating three/four meals a day (no snacking), one point for eating real food (compliance to the list), one point for sleeping 7+ hours a night, and one point for drinking 100oz of water per day.

-No alcohol.

-All who choose to participate will be added to the private CFW Nutrition group for accountability/tips/recipes etc.

Meal template:

For Women

For Men


Food List:

Protein (leaner the better / organic grassfed preferred):
Chicken breast
Protein powder (post workout only if needed)

Vegetables (think 1 cup at least):
Any and all (try to diversify as much as possible)
Green veggies will be free, so you may have as many as you like at each meal

Carbs (think 1/2 cup):
Sweet Potato
Red potato
Any fruit

Fat (think 1 tbsp):
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Grassfed butter
Nuts and seeds
Almond butter

Coffee, tea, seltzer (unsweetened)
Up to one cup of kombucha per day (no sugar added)
Up to 2 tbsp of cream in coffee per day
Up to one cup of unsweetened almond milk per day
Balsamic vinegar


Contact to sign up or for questions:

Lydia Stener