Matt has always had an active lifestyle that included his choices in employment. He began teaching Kenpo karate as a teenager. From there he enlisted in the Marines and did a tour ending up as a Squad Leader in an Infantry Platoon. Next, he joined the Army and served on a Special Forces A-Team.  At the age of 30, he was lucky enough to be hired by the San Diego Fire Department. He was able to spend 20 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic (12 years on both the Heavy Rescue, and the area's Urban Search & Rescue teams).

Matt was introduced to CrossFit in mid 2007.  Although he trained constantly, and even with various modes, he felt that when he trained to gain strength he lacked endurance. If he focused on endurance sports, he lost muscle and strength. CrossFit enabled him to simultaneously develop endurance, strength and power, and completely changed his view of what is possible through fitness. Consequently it has changed his life, and his only regret about CrossFit is that he didn’t start sooner.

Ever since Matt began teaching Karate he has had a fascination for for human movement that has translated well into coaching CrossFit. He considers it his number one priority as a coach to ensure that all of the athletes at CrossFit Woodbury understand the movements of CrossFit and are moving safely and efficiently in all of our workouts, and his number one priority as Head Coach of CrossFit Woodbury is to ensure that our coaching staff does the same.  


CrossFit Level 3 Certified Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Kids
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CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Football
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CrossFit Mobility


Jason has always led a very active life, starting sports at an early age. From sports (football, wrestling, track, soccer) to the military (Army), these experiences developed a love for physical fitness and a competitive mindset that has continued to this day.

Jason found CrossFit in 2012 and developed an immediate passion for it. “It is without a doubt the best overall fitness philosophy I’ve encountered. I enjoy the way it continues to push me. The sense of community is brilliant and brings out the best in people.” He enjoys coaching and helping others find potential and ability they may not have known was there in addition to improving his own fitness.

He sums it up well - "Bliss is lying on the ground in a pool of your own sweat, exhausted after a WOD…then having a beer."


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Olympic Lifting


Joe has been an active member of CrossFit Woodbury since 2011. He has a certification as a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Mobility Trainer. In addition, he is a certified yoga instructor through a 200-hr yoga teachers training and is CFW’s resident yogi.  Not only has he attended several running clinics, but he also has ten years of experience as a youth soccer coach, which included numerous coaches’ trainings and clinics over that period of time.

Joe enjoys the CrossFit methodology and community. He loves helping members improve their overall health and fitness by combining the best of CrossFit and yoga knowledge; focusing not just on strength, but on breath, mindfulness, and mobility.He enjoys an active life with his lovely wife Doris, and my two adult children, Tyler and Desiree. They enjoy everything from dancing to hiking to kayaking, biking, the occasional CF competition or challenge course, and more; but he can also turn it off to kick back and relax with the best of them.


CrossFit Level 1
Yoga Instructor


Dan started CrossFit in June of 2014 after 20+ years of exercising on and off.  There finally came a point when he realized there had to be something better than putting in headphones and grinding away day after day at a big globo gym.  20 years of doing construction had done its damage on the body and there had to be something that would help him finish his career better physically.  He soon realized that CrossFit was the answer and jumped in head first.  It came to his attention that what strength he did have was over shadowed without proper form and technique.  This is where the coaching staff at CrossFit Woodbury made a difference in his life.  He decided that if they can fix a broken-down construction worker in his 40's he wanted to do the same for others.  

Dan feels like struggling the first year in CrossFit has helped him be an effective coach because nothing came natural.  He needed to work movement progressions diligently and feels a sense of accomplishment when athletes reach their goals.  Dan's wife and daughters are also members at CrossFit Woodbury and he is patiently awaiting the day that his daughter is beating him on a regular basis. Some of Dan's best friends are the coaches and athletes at CrossFit Woodbury. He looks forward to coaching daily and is grateful for the opportunity to make them better athletes.


CrossFit Level 1


Lisa comes from a very athletic family, which instilled in her the desire and drive to be active and competitive in sports from a very young age.  With that came an ever-increasing interest in the human body, performance, and nutrition.  She grew up playing many different sports, but soccer eventually became her passion.  She earned a full-ride scholarship to play college soccer, which provided her the opportunity to compete at a very high level on the field; and in the classroom, she was able to continue her pursuit of learning about the human body as she worked toward a degree in Human Biology/Exercise Physiology.  

After college Lisa continued her education and eventually earned her doctorate degree in Chiropractic.  It was the perfect career in that it encompassed all the things she was passionate about.  During that time, she continued to play soccer and she also began running. She ran many marathons over the course of the next several years, which satisfied her need to be active and competitive, but it took its toll on her body.  In 2014, and after much persuasion by a close friend, Lisa decided to give CrossFit a try.  She was instantly hooked.  Because of CrossFit, Lisa is now stronger and more fit than she’s ever been.  She loves many things about CrossFit: the variety in the workouts, the opportunity to always be developing new skills, learning about proper movement, the physical and mental challenge, and the very supportive community of people at the gym.  

Lisa finds coaching CrossFit to be extremely rewarding and fun.  "I enjoy teaching people about proper movement (which carries over into their everyday lives).  Also, coaching gives me the opportunity to play a role in helping people gain confidence in themselves both physically and mentally".


Level 1 CrossFit


Dustin started his journey into CrossFit in 2013, which began with the Saturday Intro workout. He knew the moment that the workout ended lying on his back gasping for air, that he was hooked and this was going to be a lifelong passion and life changing experience. Dustin was active in various sports throughout high school and played college football for a small university in Minnesota. 

While competing in various organized sports, although he felt it provided a challenge and he felt he was in shape, it wasn’t until that first CrossFit workout, Dustin realized he could vastly improve on becoming more fit. “Whether you’re into running, weight lifting or anything in between, you’re really limiting your true potential by becoming specialized in one modality.” Dustin’s only regret, is that he didn’t start CrossFit sooner. “It isn’t just the workouts, it’s the community of friends around you, pushing you to go harder, do one more rep and pushing you to become a better version of yourself.”


CrossFit Level 1


Michelle stepped into CrossFit Woodbury in March of 2012 and knew she found her home after only one class.  She had been paying trainers in globo gyms to put her through some intense workouts for a decade, but nothing made her feel the way she felt, while enjoying the workout, like that class.  Since then, CrossFit has given her the guidance she wanted, the intensity she needed, and the results she could be proud of while having more fun than she’s ever had working out.    

Being a mom of three boys, she wants to be a role model when it comes to the importance of health and the continued commitment to always be challenging yourself.  “Really good things happen when you get uncomfortable!”  This attitude guided her to get certified as a Level 1 coach in 2014 to help others uncover a fantastic version of themselves here at CrossFit Woodbury.


CrossFit Level 1


Tyler loved to play all sports as a kid. Once adulthood hit and the opportunity for organized, competitive team sports waned, he fell into distance running. Living in New York City at the time, he started entering races, joining New York Road Runners and developing a love for the solitude and mental challenge of running. Half marathons became his distance of choice, but also ran 5Ks, 10Ks and even the New York City Marathon. But he wasn’t getting any fitter despite the many hours and miles he was putting in.  

After moving to Minnesota, Tyler’s wife, Jessica, started at CrossFit Woodbury and became hooked. “I was intimidated at first. I could run forever, but I knew I couldn’t lift a thing,” he remembers. “I was nervous that I wasn’t strong enough for CrossFit.” After a few months – and after seeing what CrossFit Woodbury did for Jessica – Tyler tried the free intro class one Saturday morning, decided to join CrossFit Woodbury and hasn’t looked back since. The supportive community allowed him to consistently meet goals and celebrate small victories along the way.

“I love seeing the people that I’m working out with and coaching accomplish their goals, improve their technique and make strides in their overall health."


CrossFit Level 1
Running Certificate


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