CrossFit Woodbury Bootycamp

We deliver a great workout for ALL fitness levels! We specialize in getting each participant "fitter" regardless of where they are starting from. We will also focus on getting those who are fit - fitter still! All exercises are selected so that individuals can work within their own abilities, while being encouraged and motivated along the way. Everyone from the complete beginner to the full-on fitness enthusiast will be pushed to the maximum of their abilities!

What you can expect from Bootycamp

  • Increases in core strength and a tighter back side
  • Weight loss
  • Functionality that will apply to any sport as well as every day life
  • Accountability of goals for maximum results
  • Increase in strength and cardiovascular endurance
  • Increase in coordination and agility
  • A fun, supportive and encouraging community that will help you reach your goals


There are more similarities between these two programs than differences. Our Bootycamp is coached by certified CrossFit instructors, and we use the CrossFit methodology as the foundation for teaching and instructing these classes. Our clients from both our CrossFit classes and Bootycamp classes will see dramatic results in the 10 recognized fitness domains cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

We utilize much of the same equipment in both classes such as kettlebells, dynamax balls, jump ropes, abmats, pull up bars, bands, sand bags, barbells, climbing ropes and your own bodyweight. Some things you will not see in our boot camp include technical Olympic barbell lifts, skill based gymnastics movements, and various other fun things that are reserved for the CrossFit gym.

Bootycamp is a great way to quickly get back in shape after a layoff. These workouts are tough and fun. We describe it as a lighter version of CrossFit. However, we guarantee you will be challenged everyday. And by adding boot camp classes to your regimen, you will gain pleasure in your training, and keep it varied and fun!

Come take a free Bootycamp class anytime to try it out before you make a commitment. We do have an enclosed kids area that is visible from the gym floor.  Please contact us at to register.

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