CROSSFIT WOODBURY provides you with the opportunity to get fit in a fun, supportive environment. We offer measurable results with a diverse and experienced coaching staff. We have athletes of all ages and backgrounds, and have been building a community-based, all-inclusive home-away-from-home since 2010.



  • 150803

    Back Squat 3-3-3

    Then - For Time:

    30 Double Unders

    30 Snatch 95/65

    30 Double Unders

    30 Cleans 95/65

    30 Double Unders

  • 150731

    Practice Muscle Ups

    Then "Tabata Cindy"

    20 Seconds of Work with 10 Seconds of Rest

    5 Pull Ups

    10 Push Ups

    15 Squats

    Begin the workout by beginning a round of Cindy and complete as many reps as possible in 20 seconds. after 10 seconds of rest continue wherever you left off. For example if you are able to complete 5 Pull Ups and 8 Push Ups in the first 20 seconds of work then after 10 seconds of rest you will continue with your 9 Push Up and then continue as many reps as possible in the next 20 seconds for a total of 8 Intervals. After the 8th interval there will be a 1 min 10 sec break where your score will be recorded. Then the second 8 Tabata intervals begin again at 0 and start with the first Pull Up. This will be repeated for the next 8 Tabata intervals too.


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